How does a transaction work?


Agreement details are logged on a smart contract.

Details about the parties involved, the work to be done and the compensation.


Work is delivered and consensus is reached.

After the job is done, both parties sign off and the contract is settled.


Instant payment from company to worker.

Funds instantly get transferred to the worker.

Labor contract

Details of the work agreement.


Instant (international) transfer of funds.


Allowing workers to benefit from the success of Grain.

Liquidity insurance

Protection against fluctuations in exchange rates.


Ability to answer to regulatory and compliance requirements.

What makes Grain special

Details about the
Grain token

Ethereum based

Grain is an ERC20-compatible token

Whitelisting start

January 2018

Total token supply

3.600.000.000 GRAIN tokens

Token sale

30% of the tokens during ICO

Public token sale (ICO)

April 16th, 2018

ICO soft cap

€ 3 million (EUR) (3.68 million USD)

ICO hard cap

€ 15 million (EUR) (18.4 million USD)

Release date

May 2018