The ecosystem for processing work


2016 /

Founding of Flexentral.

€1,000K total capital (€500K seed, €500K founders).

Start of development of Flexentral.

2017 /

First BETA customers committed.

Release of first public version of the whitepaper.

Friends ’n Family pre-ICO round, €500K raised.

GRAIN Foundation established (Zug, Switzerland).

2018 / Q1

Public whitelisting and token sale of Grain tokens.

Start bounty campaign.

First distribution of developer funds.

2018 / Q2

ICO start April 17th.

First public beta of Grain API set.

Listing on first exchanges.

Public release of Flexentral.

2018 / Q3

Release GRAIN API v1.0

First GRAIN strategic development partner sign-up

GRAIN API release

2018 / Q4

First BETA test developer solution with GRAIN

Milestone number of 10 active GRAIN transaction partners

2019 / Q1

First revenue reporting quarter

Announcement financial plan 2019

People behind Grain

The team

Onno Hektor

CEO & President of the board

Former Senior Director for Microsoft. Introduced several products to the EMEA market during 18 pioneering years (Windows, MS Office). Managed a lot of introductions of US startups to the EMEA market.

André Bonvanie

Board Member

Serial entrepreneur and investor. Excellent go-tomarket manager, responsible for several US startup successes in the EMEA market.

Erik Koster

Blockchain strategy / Board Member

Experienced blockchain consultant and CEO of Globalscreen. Double MSc at University of Amsterdam and Delft.

Arjo van Ramshorst

Founding member

Blockchain knowledge, Chief Technology Officer at Flexentral, architecture and design advisor for the Grain protocol. Has been involved from the early days.

Jeroen van Megchelen

Blockchain expert

Former hacker turned blockchain developer. Technology entrepreneur. Vast experience in building blockchain applications.

Artem Gorev

Smart contract expert

Blockchain and smart contract expert. All-around, multi-language backend developer. MsC in computer science.

Lucas Huizinga

Marketing + Community

Tech-savvy marketing expert. Responsible for go-to-market strategy and community management.

Maurits Elzinga

Founding member

Liaison between software developers and GRAIN. chief user experience and usability. Is actively involved in integrating GRAIN inside Flexentral.

The advisory board

Hans Hoogeveen

Board of Advisors

Former COO of Randstad, the world's second-largest HR services provider. Human capital expert. Will expedite Grain's go-to-market success with access to key players in the market.

Hedwigh Verbruggen-Letty

Board of Advisors

Human resources and organizational development expert. Senior honours lecturer at University Utrecht and co-author of “Het nieuwe werken” (The new way of working).

René Hendriks

Board of Advisors

Entrepreneur. Great out-of-the-box thinker and investor. Rene will always challenge the board to take the 180 degree view on business decisions. Endless energy.

Bhavik Patel

Board of Advisors

Venture Capital and Crypto Investor. Serial Entrepreneur. CFO of private equity company Conor Acquisitions. Liason for North American market.

Roberto de Freitas

Board of Advisors

Actuary and risk management professional. Great knowledge resource for the requirements of designing and managing the Harvest fund. Works for big insurance companies.

Laurent Delaporte

Board of Advisors

Serial entrepreneur. Board Member. Former Microsoft VP. Laurent will assist Grain in conquering the French market.

Temme Sikkema

Board of Advisors

Assistant professor at University of Groningen, specialized in information security and auditing. Helps Grain with implementing IT security and privacy certifications.